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We’re here to help provide you with alternatives to opioid pain medications that are just as effective or more effective than opioid medications.

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Our Products Help Relieve Pain for Many Conditions


Localized thermal therapy (hot or cold) for post-traumatic and post-surgical medical and/or surgical conditions.


Reduction of edema associated with soft tissue injuries such as burns, post-operative edema, and ligament sprains.

Pre- and Post- Surgical Pain

Non-pharmacological management of acute, chronic, and pre- and post-operative pain.

Non-surgical Rehabilitation

Designed to return the patient to his or her activities as quickly and as safely as possible.

Prevention of Muscle Disuse Atrophy

Helps prevent disuse atrophy caused by immobility.

Pain and Tissue Healing

The Micro-Z 2’s lower microampere currents promote healing and lessen recovery times.

Sleep Deprivation Due to Neuropathic Pain

Patients suffering from poor circulatory problems can benefit from nighttime therapy that promotes microcirculation.

A multi-modality approach to treat pain and edema for both chronic, acute, and post-operative conditions.

The environment today puts a strong emphasis on using alternatives to narcotics to treat pain, and studies have proven that combining thermal therapy and compression has been more effective at reducing post-op narcotic usage than thermal therapy alone.

Match One Medical Marketing Consultants is striving to help relieve the stress on physicians caused by the opioid epidemic, reduced reimbursement, and increased costs by offering alternative treatments to opioids, access to abuse-prevention tools, and ancillary revenue programs consistent with the goal to reduce abuse.


Our Match One Medical Products

VascuTherm 5

The VascuTherm™ 5 therapy system is an electronic heating, cooling, and compression system. The VascuTherm 5 therapy system provides precisely controlled hot or cold fluid that never has to directly contact the skin during therapy. The system is also capable of providing calibrated compressed air all in one convenient unit. This lightweight, portable system utilizes solid-state thermoelectric heat pumps that heat and cool with electricity in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.


The Micro-Z II from Prizm Medical is a DC stimulator, from which the pulse-directed current penetrates deeply into the patient’s tissue bed to promote microcirculation and the reduction of edema, which encourages healing.

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